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Did you notice that when some people went to Ferguson or New York, or Baltimore that things got more angry, more violent, more antagonistic?  
A man of wrath stirs up strife, and one given to anger causes much transgression. 
(Proverbs 29:22 ESV)
When we have these terrible incidents, and young people lose their lives, we ought to be concerned, and we ought to investigate carefully to protect the principle that all people are entitled to justice and should not lose their life or their liberty without due process of law and a just process of law. But when the people who rally around such things create even more anger, more suspicion, and more violence erupts in their wake, I think the proverb has accurately assessed those peoples’ hearts. Justice does not grow out of the barrel of a gun, nor is it established by the destruction of the shops and houses and property of your community. And if you really want to help, try calming things down and working harder to get to the truth. Justice does not survive dishonest manipulation either. And perhaps, people of faith are here right now, so that we can look for truth, insist on justice, demand the honoring of our principles and to bring peace between those whose lives have been shattered by violence. What would Jesus be doing here?

Lord help us stay out of the war of words and twisted stories and seek truth, work for justice and bring your peace into our conversation.